Fighting for Life

The documentary “Fighting For Life” reviews the war in Iraq from different angles. As a director of this movie, Terry Sanders tries to tell the true stories of different groups of people during the time when the American military was on the front lines of the War. The story highlights the life of soldiers and marines that are trying to survive, saying the story of sacrifices and hard work of doctors who are trying to help and treat these fighters, and this movie also talks about the “best medical school no one's ever heard of”.

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This movie says the story of American soldiers who are wounded and trying to survive and get back home from the battlefield medics, American military hospitals in Germany to Washington DC’s Walter Reed Army Medical Center. From another angle, “Fighting For Life” focus on the life of doctors and nurses, who care about wounded soldiers and try to help them by any means. From the last view, Terry Sanders and his group talked about students of the best medical school that are trying and preparing themselves to learn and go to the battlefield to treat the wounded soldiers.

“Fighting For Life” is a journey about war and difficult times, that shows not only soldiers and marines, who are on the front line, are fighting for their lives; it also speaks about the doctors and even students who care about these fighters and want to join them and help them in this hard time. This movie was created from the high number of interviews and studies on doctors, nurses, and troops who are believing that the stress of taking care of wounded soldiers can not be compared to being a one, especially at that time.

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